Saturday, July 19, 2014

So you want to write a book Part XII

I know I have touched on this before....Self Promotion. Probably the bane of every writers existence unless they have a knack for it and the time to do it in between their day jobs and in general. Remember Me? will be in print and hopeful a lot of stores :) in the fall of 2014. In the meantime, I have committed to two book signings. One in a winery in Highland Falls, NY- Palaia Vineyards October 4 (mark your calendars). Those who know me, know I can't and don't drink wine. They could probably fill you in on a story of a certain someone practically falling comatose from half glass. So without naming names....ahem....this author is hoping for a vat of Heineken to go with her Cheetos. But I digress. The second will commence at the NJRWA conference also in October.

In preparation for said signings I have started the process of printing Remember Me? My proof copy has departed from Summerville SC on its way to my doorstep. Now I haven't told my mother yet because I really do need to proof it and I might not see it again if she gets her hands on the book.

When you do signings and attend conferences you MUST self-promote. With the many swag options out there making the decision on what to give away that will keep readers interested is overwhelming. Personally I am a pen kind of girl because it is something useful....I mean who doesn't need a pen at one time or another. So what does one bring to a winery? Chocolate as Kat Attalla has said is the way to go....chocolate and probably can't go wrong. But what does the author of a edgy murder romantic suspense bring? Quite possibly bags of Cheetos and don't think a few six packs to offer a beer tasting hasn't crossed my mind. Now if you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself what is the deal with Cheetos? Other than they are a crunchy snack, they leave an orange mess on your fingers and we shouldn't eat them in mass quantities due to all the bad things in them that make them taste so good. Well the deal with Cheetos is......not going to tell you but Brody McKenna and Ryli Madigan can. Brody and Ryli can be reached in Remember Me?

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Comments?


  1. Promoting 1 book is much better than trying to do a bunch. Welcome to the no time club

  2. Thanks for the warning Janet. Book 2 will be on its way soon wink wink. You are a whiz on blogs and promotion. Secrets of success from the Eclectic Writer?

  3. Love your posts. Added to my to do list... Get swag. :)